• Such a great movie! It’s a found footage type movie, but done really well. You won’t be disappointed. Bonus – if you’re really curious at the end, there’s a Reddit post I read – the guy behind the movie gave some insight to a few questions left unanswered.

  • Watched it with my girlfriend last weekend, definitely agreed. Great find on Amazon Prime Video.

  • This is a hidden gem! Love it!!

  • This is the best found footage horror movie I have seen so far and one of the creepiest ever. I encourage any horror fan to check it out asap.

  • The best I can say about this movie is that it has an excellent middle. The beginning heavily relies on found footage tropes with a lot of unnecessary documentary bits for exposition and narration but boils down to be nothing but filler. The ending is better but still pretty cliche.

  • Watched this last night based on it being recommended here. A good film with a good build up in the scares, also, you know, clowns.

  • One of the best found-footage horror movies I’ve ever seen. This movie does the haunted house perfectly and keeps the scares real and visceral.

    • Couldn’t agree more! This movie left me feeling pretty creeped out.

  • Uhhhh, maybe i’m missing something.. because I agree with almost every movie rating on here, some are rated too high, but those are new movies, except this piece of trash. The acting, the cinematography, the non existent script, everything about this was bad, what are you people talking about? LOL.

  • I echo what I’ve seen a few people have said… The beginning and the end are a bit disappointing but the middle is really good.

    Solid found footage style horror. Give it a watch.

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