Hi friends 👋,

Remember the last time you tried to find a scary movie on Netflix, and spent more time searching than you did watching?  🤔

ScareHunt is here to solve one simple problem: whether it’s today, a week from today, or a month from today, the next time you’re craving a good scare, we’ll be here with a relevant list of the most popular scary movies, as voted by our users. The horror flicks that are most popular will float to the top. Ta-Da!

Watched a new scary movie recently that you loved? Awesome, submit it so other humans can check it out too. If it’s already here, just give it an upvote – you know, pay it forward so those that drop by after you can reap the benefits too. 🙌

TL;DR: I actually just built this so I didn’t have to waste 2 hours searching for a movie the next time my girlfriend and I want to watch a scary movie. Which will probably be tomorrow. So (please) start submitting and upvoting so I don’t have to search for my sock at the bottom of the ball pit that is Netflix 😛!